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    Centre College - Danville Kentucky

     Centre College Danville, Kentucky
    1200 Undergraduates

    • In addition to being featured in Loren Pope’s book Colleges That Change Lives and performing extremely well on the National Survey of Student Engagement, Centre College is #42 on US News’ list of the top National Liberal Arts Colleges and #34 on Forbes’ list.
    • The Centre Commitment is a three part promise we make to our students guaranteeing an internship, study abroad, and graduation in four years or we provide up to an additional year of study tuition-free.
    • 85% of Centre students will study abroad at least once, which is the second highest percentage of students studying abroad in the country. We support this experience with strong global themes in the classroom, and find that a number of our student live and work abroad after graduation as well.
    • Centre’s Norton Center for the Arts is regarded as the nation’s finest arts facility at a college this size, and regular-season series shows are free to students. Recent acts include the Vienna Philharmonic, Blue Man Group, Rent, Ben Folds, and Stomp. Centre has a very strong music and theater department.
    • We also offer performing arts scholarships, and the Norton Center for the Arts offers some really great productions for free to students, which is usually especially exciting for the musically inclined students.
    Centre College - Danville Kentucky




…tell them exactly which school they have to go to.  There are lots
of choices out there so let them explore first and then discuss the
financial aspects.

…bribe them into going to your alma mater or the home of your favorite football team.

…limit the distance they can travel for college. Focus on the “best fit” not the travel distance.


…encourage them to broaden their search. If they only check out a
couple of colleges, they may miss out on a school that is only a few
miles in a different direction.

…visit campuses. Visiting the college campuses is critical in the
decision making process.  Go to the college website and set up an
official tour.

…offer to help. Their senior year is really busy with homework,
projects, extracurricular activities, completing applications, tests,
etc.  Offer to help gather information about the
colleges in which they are interested. 

…set a designated time once a week to discuss the college search.

…encourage your child to keep his or her grades up, because senior
grades do count.  Scholarships could decide what college they attend;
don’t let them miss out on some because of their GPA.


For students interested in UGA or Ga Tech There will be an information session on Monday, August 26th at 6 pm at Brookstone School Register ahead at: http://www.admission.gatech.edu/gtuga