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Our goal is to assist students and families in the college search and selection process to help students find the college that is the right fit financially, academically and socially.

Please contact our office for an appointment and pricing.


Some of the colleges where our students have been accepted:

Univ of Alabama, UAB, American University, Auburn, Baylor, Belmont, Berry, Birmingham Southern, Boston U, University of California, UCLA, Columbia, College of Charleston, Clemson, UConn, Cornell, CSU, Davidson College, Duke, Emerson, Emory, Florida Poly, Univ of Florida, FSU, Furman, Univ of Georgia, Georgia College and State University, GA Southern, GA Tech, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Kennesaw State University, Liberty, LSU, Mercer, University of Mississippi, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Mississippi College, University of North Carolina,  Northeastern, Notre Dame, NYU, Pepperdine, Rhodes, Rider, Rollins, Samford, SCAD, Seattle U, Sewanee, SMU, Univ of South Carolina , Stetson, Syracuse, Troy University, Valdosta State University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Wesleyan, Wofford, and Yale.

Rising College Freshmen:

  • Please finalize your award letters and make sure you have connected with financial aid to gain full understanding of your award package.  If you reside in the state of Georgia and have a gap in funding consider the Student Access Loan with Georgia Futures. Note: The availability is limited and there is a short window of time that these funds are available.
  • Make sure your health insurance plan is approved by the college.  In most, if not all cases you must have an approved plan or there is an additional amount that you will be responsible for an approved health care plan.  You will need to opt out of the college plan if your current plan meets their criteria.

Rising high school seniors upcoming events to put on your calendar! 

  • Peach State Tour (GA State, Augusta, Georgia Tech and UGA) will be coming to Columbus 9/1/2021.  You will need to register.
  • The PROBE college fair is scheduled for Columbus on Nov. 4th.  You will need to register for this as well.



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