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Teacher Recommendations


The teacher recommendation is an important part of the application process…..

We recommend that you ask two teachers who know you well.  You should out of courtesy ask them as soon as possible.  They have many other responsiblities and probably have many letters to write so don’t wait until the last minute.

Make sure you give them a copy of your resume and let them know the procedure.

Last but not least…..remember a thank you note speaks volumes!

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Things learned from a recent College Visit to Georgia Tech


Four major items they consider for admissions:

1) Curriculum rigor and GPA

2) SAT and / or ACT

They super, super score the SAT and ACT, meaning they will take your highest score from either test to

calculate your highest total score possible.  For example, if your highest math score is from the ACT

and your highest critical reading score is from the SAT, they will take the math ACT score and combine

it with the critical reading SAT score.

3) Extra-curricular activities (including leadership positions)

4) Essay

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What is CollegeWeekLive?


CollegeWeekLive is the world’s largest online college fair! And it’s free! It’s a one-stop resource where students and parents can:

  • Ask college reps, faculty and current college students their own unique questions and get direct answers.
  • See what schools are like — without having to trek all over the country.
  • Hear first-hand advice from experts on everything from college essays to test prep to financial aid.

CollegeWeekLive is a great resource to share with students,
parents, guidance counselors, and networks affiliated with the college
search process.

For more information go to  or call 617-938-6055.

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