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Welcome to College Resource Center

Our goal is to assist students and families in the college search and selection process to help students find the college that is the right fit financially, academically and socially.

Please contact our office for an appointment and pricing.


Some of the colleges where our students have been accepted:

Univ of Alabama, UAB, American University, Auburn, Baylor, Belmont, Berry, Birmingham Southern, Boston U, University of California, UCLA, Columbia, College of Charleston,  Clark Atlanta, Clemson, UConn, Cornell, CSU, Davidson College, Duke, Emerson, Emory, Florida Poly, Univ of Florida, FSU, Furman, Univ of Georgia, Georgia College and State University, GA Southern, GA Tech, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Kennesaw State University, Liberty, LSU, Mercer, University of Mississippi, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Mississippi College, University of North Carolina,  Northeastern, Notre Dame, NYU, Pepperdine, Rhodes, Rider, Rollins, Samford, SCAD, Seattle U, Sewanee, SMU, Univ of South Carolina , Spelman, Stanford,  Stetson, Syracuse, University of Texas, Troy University, Valdosta State University, Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Wesleyan, Wofford, and Yale.


What’s next for seniors as we head towards May 1st National Decision Day!

      • By now, you should have received acceptances soon followed by your financial aid award letter. Continue to check your status every few days to make sure you don’t miss important information regarding financial aid, housing, and orientation.   You should be in touch with financial aid to make sure you have a full understanding of what your costs will be and any loans which may be part of your package.  You should have this information before you make your final decision May 1st.
      • If you are waitlisted at any colleges please let them know if you want to continue to stay on the waitlist.  You will need to make the May 1st decision based on colleges where you have been fully accepted.  It could be June or even July before you find out whether you have a spot off of the wait list.
      • Finish senior year strong as your final transcript will be sent to your college of choice as well as any schools where you are waitlisted.
      • Continue to apply for any local scholarships
      • Your deposit for one school should be sent in by May 1st. Some colleges may only have deposits for housing and often these are not refundable.  Housing does tend to fill up often before May 1st so keep up with this. Also, you should let the colleges where you have been accepted but will not be attending know that you have made your decision to attend elsewhere.
      • Congratulations on reaching the home stretch to graduation!!!
    • Juniors:
      • Schedule in person college visits
      • Yes…..register to take the SAT and ACT and see which test is “your” best test
      • Keep your grades up! You will be applying for college in the fall with your junior grades.
      • Register for rigorous classes




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