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Tweet yourself to a college scholarship


In an attempt to make students get to the point quickly and to improve their social media skills, universities and businesses are asking for essays in 140 characters or less.

At the University of Iowa, a good tweet is worth $37,000.  That’s the price of a full scholarship, and that’s exactly what a student hopeful can win in a contest the university has dreamed up that takes electronic communication to a new level. The university is asking prospective students to submit a 140-character tweet in place of a second essay.

In addition, Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a Colonel’s Scholars Twitter scholarship for $20,000 over four years based on a tweet responding to “tell us in 140 characters why you deserve a $20,000 scholarship.” The competition received 2,800 applications last year, says Rick Maynard, KFC spokesman.

Excerpts from an article by Nicholas Kamm, AFP/Getty Images

posted 7/13/11

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