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Changes to the Common Application


Starting in August of this year,  the Common Application will be instituting several noteworthy changes. Since there are currently 488 Common App member schools (and that figure will grow to 527 this fall), these changes will affect thousands of hopeful college applicants and the counselors and parents helping them through the application process.
Here’s a summary of the changes:

1) The new version will no longer include “topic of your choice” as an essay prompt and will instead require applicants to choose one of four or five essay topics.
2) For the first time, the 250- to (now) 650-word limit will be strictly enforced.
3) There will no longer be an activities essay, a 150-word paragraph that was previously required of all applicants.
4) There will be fewer questions per screen and students will not have to answer questions that don’t apply to them.
5) Progress checks will show students what parts of the application they have and have not completed.
6) Students will no longer be able to upload résumés, though Common App member schools will have the ability to make an alternative option available.
7) Students will now be able to indicate if they qualify for fee-waivers just once instead of asking about each school they’re applying to.

excepts from Stephanie Farah, Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

For assistance in the college search and selection process, contact the College Resource Center at www.crccolumbusga.com or call 706-366-2993.

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