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     Christ School in Asheville, NC

    • Comprehensive college counseling program
    • 17 Advanced Placement courses and 27 honors courses
    • New Science Center featuring: robotics, mythbuster lab, monster garage, new chemistry labs and observatory
    • 21 Eagle Scouts (2012)
    • 3,243 student community service hours in 2012
    • Full arts program with three annual drama productions

Spring is a great time for college visits.


Here are some things to do on your visit:

1) Talk to students
2) Visit student housing
3) Tour campus (official tour)
4) Tour the city around campus
5) Read bulletin boards
6) Eat at a cafeteria
7) Talk to the admissions office
8) Read the college newspaper
Excerpts from Cappex.com

For assistance with the college search and selection process, contact the College Resource Center at www.crccolumbusga.com or call 706-366-2993.

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For students interested in UGA or Ga Tech There will be an information session on Monday, August 26th at 6 pm at Brookstone School Register ahead at: http://www.admission.gatech.edu/gtuga