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2014 – 2015 FAFSA changes


The 2014–15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM) will include various changes based on public feedback and U.S. Department of Education initiatives. Below are a few of the
more noticeable changes.

1. The FAFSA will include two new tax return filing status questions for students and
2. The FAFSA will collect information from both of the dependent student’s legal
(biological and/or adoptive) parents if the parents live together, regardless of the marital status or gender of the parents.
3. Consistent with the Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, the 2014–15 FAFSA will include guidance explaining that marriage includes both legal marriages of persons of the opposite sex and legal marriages of persons of the same sex in jurisdictions where it is allowed.

As a reminder: FAFSA on the Web at www.fafsa.gov allows applicants to access their IRS tax information and have it automatically inserted into the FAFSA. The 2014–15 FAFSA will offer this functionality via the IRS Data Retrieval Tool beginning February 2, 2014.

For assistance with the college search and selection process, contact the College Resource Center at www.crccolumbusga.com or call 706-366-2993.

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