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Do you know you have rights as a college applicant?


Yes, you do! As you apply to colleges, you have the right to certain information about them including information about how much it will cost you to attend. According to the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC), a member organization that includes more than 11,000 college access professionals around the USA and beyond, you have the right to:

“Receive factual and comprehensive information from colleges and universities about their admission, financial costs, aid opportunities, practices and packaging policies, and housing policies. If you consider applying under an early admission plan, you have the right to complete information from the college about its process and policies.”

“Be free from high-pressure sales tactics.”

“Wait until May 1 to respond to an offer of (Regular) admission or financial aid.”

For assistance with the college search and selection process, contact the College Resource Center at www.crccolumbusga.com or 706-366-2993.

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