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    St. Andrew's-Sewanee School

    • Episcopal Day and Boarding School (9-12)
    • Founded in 1868
    • Superior preparation for college
    • Personalized learning and support
    • Outdoor Adventure
    • Award-winning arts
    • 32 teams in 12 sports, including mountain biking
    • Opportunities for qualified students to take college courses< for credit at the nearby University of the South

College Basics


1)The college application process can be overwhelming. We try to help plan ahead to help alleviate some of the stress and actually have seen the journey become a family building experience!
2)There is a college for your child!
3) Start preparing early. Set Goals. It is never too early to visit colleges. The seniors with the most options have started their college preparation early.
4) The world of college admissions changes constantly. We at CRC pride ourself on continuing education to keep up with the changes. Don’t always trust the information on the college websites, call or email for clarification!
5) Realize scholarships are often available at private colleges so don’t feel limited to in state schools if you are a qualified applicant. Grades, rigor, test scores certainly play a role in making you a desirable candidate.

For assistance with the college search and selection process, contact the College Resource Center at www.crccolumbusga.com or 706-366-2993.

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For students interested in UGA or Ga Tech There will be an information session on Monday, August 26th at 6 pm at Brookstone School Register ahead at: http://www.admission.gatech.edu/gtuga